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My name is Diane Curbishley, I specialise in selling antique, vintage collectable dolls and teddy bears. I also offer a re-string service for your antique and vintage strung dolls.

Over the years I've earned an honest and knowlegeable reputation in the doll and teddy bear world. I've also supplied dolls and bears for film sets, theatre props and TV Studios.

Please see my Dolls Supplies page where you'll find my doll re-stringing rates and doll stringing supplies such as re-stringing elastic cord and doll re-stringing forceps.

Here on Diane's Doll's Antique Dolls page, you'll often find wax dolls, bisque, cloth and composition dolls from doll manufacturers such as Kestner, Simon & Halbig, Kammer & Reinhardt (K*R), Armand Marseille (A.M), Jumeau and many more!..

Hard Plastic Dolls .. this page features large range of 1940s/50s British hard plastic dolls for sale... Pedigree, Roddy, BND, Rosebud dolls and more!!.

Vintage Fashion Dolls .. here you can buy collectible vintage vinyl dolls such as Tiny Tears, Sasha dolls and First Love dolls... you'll also find teenage fashion dolls such as Sindy, Patch, Barbie, Skipper, Pippa, Daisy, Tressy and Toots.

Please see my Antique and Collectable Bears for sale from old favourite British, German and French teddy bear manufacturers such as Merrythought, Chiltern, Farnell, Chiltern, Chad Valley, Deans Ragbook, Steiff, Hermann and Schuco.

Doll Restringing Service/Doll Restringing Supplies

Professional Doll Restringing at Diane's DollsProfessional Doll Restringing at Diane's DollsProfessional Doll Restringing at Diane's DollsProfessional Doll Restringing at Diane's DollsSpecial Offers on Professional Doll Re-Stringing for 2018Special Offers on Professional Doll Re-Stringing for 2018 Has your precious childhood doll been stored away in a drawer in pieces for as long as you can remember? or does one of the dolls in your own collection feel a bit loosely strung?... Here at Diane's Dolls I offer a re-stringing service for your elastic strung dolls including antique bisque dolls, antique composition dolls, 1950s hard plastic dolls plus most vintage elastic strung vinyl dolls such as Sasha dolls, vintage teenage fashion dolls.. even Action Man is welcome here!!.

***Professional doll re-stringing prices***

Dolls up to 16" in height - £25.00

Dolls up to 21" in height - £35.00

Dolls up to 28" in height - £45.00

** All prices include return journey home within UK**

Please Contact Me with details of doll you wish to have restrung..

Return time is currently.. 7-10 working days.

If you prefer to re-string your own dolls, Diane can also help!.. on the Doll Supplies page Diane sells professional quality stringing elastic cord for your doll restringing needs. This is the re-stringing elastic cord that Diane uses in her Doll Restringing Clinic and is of excellent professional quality.

Dolls you wish to sell?

Diane is always interested in buying antique, hard plastic and vintage fashion dolls in good condition. Please Contact Diane's Dolls with details of the dolls you have for sale.

Identification and Valuation

Unfortunately Diane does not offer identification or valuation service of your own dolls / bears and recommends you contact your local auction house who may offer this kind of service.